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Embrace the Wisdom Within and Embrace Change

Step into the season of transformation and introspection. Come together to resonate with the harmonizing frequencies of sacred sounds and the gentle, compassionate energy of cacao. All those who are drawn to the call of these sacred elements are invited… 

No prior experience or ‘good voice’ is required; everyone with an open heart and mind is welcome!

Autumn’s Symbolism of Change

Autumn embodies change – much like leaves falling from trees, life shifts its course by shedding the old to welcome the new. Autumn beckons us back to our core, urging us to release what no longer serves and uncover what truly matters. Each season imparts wisdom about the world and ourselves; autumn’s lesson lies in introspection, release, and spiritual connection.

The Autumn Equinox marks a moment of stillness before the Earth’s directional shift. This sacred day holds equal parts light and dark, yin and yang, and invites us to face both outward and inward. It melds our past and future into the present moment.

Journeying Inward, Harmonizing with Sound and Cacao

Embark on an inner journey, shedding what is unnecessary and resonating with the transformative frequencies of healing sounds and the tender, nurturing energy of cacao. This retreat is an opportunity to recalibrate, heal, and embrace the full spectrum of our being – both light and shadow.

“Wholeness for humans depends on the ability to own our own shadow.” – Carl Jung

This one-day workshop extends an invitation to sing, sound, voice, play, explore, and awaken various facets of ourselves through vocal expression, sacred sounds, and cacao. It serves as a pathway to reconnect with our authentic selves, liberating aspects that may have long been silenced or obscured.

Sacred Sound, Voice & Cacao Retreat takes us on an inner odyssey into the healing potential of our most intimate musical instrument – our voice – entwined with the alchemy of sacred sounds and cacao. This process aims to silence the cacophony of inner voices and foster a new relationship with the transformative essence of vocal expression, drawing us closer to our beautiful, authentic selves, souls, and essences. The voice is our bridge to the cosmos, connecting us to the greater spirit, the source.

Throughout this retreat, we will reclaim the natural way of authentic vocal expression, untethered by judgments, conditioning, traumas, or limiting beliefs. This will help us tap into our essence, freeing buried emotions such as trauma, fear, anger, guilt, and pain.

“Vocal expression is about authenticity, not perfection.”

The retreat culminates in a Sacred Sound and Cacao ceremony. This journey within is guided by the healing tones entwined with the raw ceremonial cacao – a sacred plant utilized in South American rituals for millennia. Cacao facilitates communication with our inner wisdom, while the healing vibrations of sound open doors to deeper realms. During this ceremony, we release burdens, shedding negative emotions, outdated thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that hinder us. Amidst the enchanting vibrations of sacred sound, cacao particularly addresses heart blockages, creating a space for connection with our inner truth, divine light, love, and gratitude on a profound level.

Join us to harness the energy of new beginnings, manifest your intentions, and embrace your inner light!

One-Day Retreat Highlights

  • Explore the essence of sound healing therapy
  • Relaxation techniques for your voice and body
  • Reconnect with your natural breath through diaphragm breathing
  • Boost your immune system and establish grounding
  • Chakra sound healing meditation for balance
  • Discover the healing potential of sound, voice, and silence
  • Reclaim your authentic voice
  • Engage in dance, movement, and improvisation
  • Vocal exploration and expression: soul singing, toning
  • Set and clarify intentions aligned with Autumn Equinox energies
  • Embark on an inner journey with the *Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony


Please note that the program’s flow may adapt based on the group’s dynamics.

Upon confirmation of payment, your registration will be secured. Subsequently, you will receive further instructions, including how to contact Gonca for preparation guidance. This might involve health feedback, items to bring, dietary considerations, and addressing any inquiries you may have.

Dive into the depths of sound, voice, and cacao this Autumn Equinox and emerge renewed, balanced, and attuned to the wisdom within.

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Practical Information Autumn Retreat

Wanneer: zaterdag 23 september.

Tijd: van 13.00 tot 21.00 uur.

Docent: Gonca Gürses van Herpen.

Locatie: Yoga Innerwork, Kleverlaan 9, 2023 JC Haarlem.

Kosten: € 159,-.

Ervaring is niet nodig, iedereen is welkom! Beperkte deelname tot 12 personen.


Due to privacy regulations we are not allowed to share your contact details with Gonca. Therefor you need to contact Gonca yourself after registration and payment for the ceremony. After your payment you will receive her contact details from us. She will give you all the information how to prepare for the ceremony. Thank you!

Registration is possible until September 22nd 12PM (NOON)!