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Kom lekker tot jezelf bij een van de yogalessen.
Schrijf je nu in via het lesrooster.

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Olga Galabova

Olga Galabova is one of these people who was lucky to find their path after being torn between working as a lawyer, family life and her personal interests, which were impossible to handle all together without stress. At first yoga helped her face the stress but very soon it became her passion and true devotion.

Her curiosity and eagerness to learn and explore brought her through different traditions, styles and teachings. Every yoga class attended, every book read, revealed to her a bit of philosophy and a lot of inspiration, love and creativity.

Olga is now a certified yoga teacher, certified in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga yoga. She introduces to the practitioners the asana and the postures with an aim to develop awareness of the body, the mind and the breath in a balanced and motivational environment. Every minute as a student, disciple and a teacher inspires Olga to create her own teaching  style and build her personal presence in the yoga room. Today she invites you to experience yoga with her.