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Satsang bij Innerwork


The Sanskrit word ‘Satsangh’ literally means to be in the company of The Truth. In Indian spiritual tradition of Yoga ‘Satsangh’ forms a powerful element of meditation through which the mind is turned inwards and focused directly to the Source. In Satsangh we come together with an earnest heart and enquire into the depth of oneself. Viswa gives Satsanghs in the line of self enquiry which is a direct exploration into the fundamental nature of who we are. The sessions  start with a brief discourse following which participants are welcome to share any questions. How to be in a world of opposites without opposition? The answer is not a method nor a philosophy, not Dvaita or Advaita. In simple terms it is only to recognise who you truly are. In reality the very question ‘how ‘ itself is irrelevant because the fact is that you are not somebody who is trying to live life. When you take yourself to be so and so then alone you seek a method or practice to upgrade your current sense of experience. The simple fact is that you are not an  entity that seem to have an individual autonomous existence and you can never be separate  from life. Life needs no method to be. Once you recognise the Truth, you simply witness life  unfold in the most harmonious way. This cannot be grasped by any framework of experience or  understanding. Then How to attain this understanding? It cannot be attained either.It can only  be grasped through pure cognition and in pure cognition there is no one to see. If you are open  enough to look into the depth of yourself you will irrefutably come to the discovery that you are  not somebody who is trying to live life but you are life itself.  

About Viswa

Viswa was born and raised in a traditional Hindu family in Kerala (South India). As a child he was drawn to art and creativity and showed little interest towards academic learning. He grew  up as a normal child struggling to fit into the social values but all along the question remained in  his mind ‘How to be?’. His journey of self discovery began in his early youth when he discovered  a passion for photography which made him leave his career in Architecture and set off travelling. He had no prior training with photography but he passionately pursued his inner call travelling  extensively around India taking pictures. Little did he know during then that the creative force  unfolding within him would later take him on an intense spiritual journey. During his photography  days he had a series of inner experiences which finally culminated in a powerful inner explosion  that brought a radical transformation in his being. Following this inner awakening he met his  Master ’Acharya HariHar Kripalu Thripaty’ in Varanasi, who initiated him into the secrets of Tantra Vidya (Hindu system of worship of the Divine Mother). A few months later in Varanasi he  crossed paths with another yogi by name ‘Keshavanand Dhuniwale Maharaj’ from Dhuniwale  tradition (the lineage of Fire.) Baba Keshavanand Maharaj initiated him into a powerful tantric  practice of ‘Navagraha Upasana’ (Worship of nine planetary forces). Following these powerful  encounters, Viswa surrendered totally to the Divine call and immersed fully in his Sadhana  (spiritual practice). During this intense period of prayer and meditation he came to a deep  recognition in his heart that the Mother he worship has no name, no form, THAT is not even a  He or She but the unnameable source of all name and forms.In his words­ The Grace of the Mother revealed in him the wordless. In deep silence and solitude he spent the following years  in contemplation of the unnameable. As the realisation became steady he was slowly integrated  back into the world. With his Masters blessings Viswa now gives Satsanghs in the line of Self  Enquiry (Atma Vaichara) which in yoga is known as the direct path of knowledge.(Jnana Yoga). 

Praktische informatie Satsang bij Innerwork

Satsang bij Innerwork

Wanneer: zaterdag 18 mei.

Tijden: vanaf 13.30 – 17.00 uur.

Docenten: gastdocent Viswa.

Kosten: € 25,-.

Locatie: Kleverlaan 9 ‘Huis ter Kleef’, Haarlem.


Voor meer informatie kun je ons altijd een email sturen, of bellen naar: 06-11798789.