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No prior experience or ‘good voice’ is required, everyone with an open heart & mind is welcome!

Spring represents a time of growth, nurturing, and abundance. As the blossoms bloom around us, so do our dreams. We feel re-energized, excited, and inspired with a hint of optimism and eager to try new things and embrace a fresh start…

We will come together in the week of Spring Equinox and New Moon. The Equinox is where day and night are of equal length – the energies coming together as one – Heaven & Earth, Spirit & Matter. At the Spring Equinox, we prepare for our re-birth and awakening from the sleep of winter. At this time of unity, the feminine & masculine merge as one, opening opportunities to unify duality within ourselves, and expand our awareness. To be able to enjoy the complete lightness of our bodies, let’s set off on an inner journey and resonate together with the transforming healing frequencies and the soft, compassionate energy of cacao, so we can tune our bodies, balance our chakras and the female & male energies, shine light on our inner selves.

This one-day workshop is an invitation to sing, sound, voice, play, explore, reclaim, and awaken the different aspects of ourselves through vocal expression, sacred sounds, and cacao; so that we can reconnect to our real selves that may have been silenced and buried for a long time.

Sacred Sound, Voice & Cacao Retreat is a deep inner journey of discovery into the healing forces of our most intimate musical instrument – our voice, through the alchemy of sacred sounds & cacao. The process aims to invite the voices in our heads into silence and to open a door for a new relationship between us and the transformative quality of our vocal expression. To bring us closer to our beautiful, authentic true selves, soul, and essence. The voice is our bridge to something bigger than ourselves; it is our connection to the big spirit, the source. 

In this retreat, we will reconnect to the simple and natural way of expressing our authentic voice beyond judgments, conditionings, painful traumas, and limiting beliefs. This will help us tap into the essence of ourselves through voice, allowing us to let go of stuff that is buried deep within as trauma, fear, anger, guilt, or pain.

“Vocal expression – voice work, is not about sounding beautiful, it is about being true to your truth, real essence.”

We end the retreat with Sacred Sound and Cacao ceremony where we will set on a journey inside with the healing sounds and raw ceremonial cacao, which has been used in ceremonies in South America for thousands of years and is considered sacred. Cacao supports us to communicate easily with our inner guidance and the vibrations of healing sounds open up the field to a deeper level. During the ceremony, we can free ourselves from the burdens, get rid of negative or old emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and thinking patterns that no longer serve us. While receiving healing at a cellular level in the magical vibrational field of sacred sound, cacao works especially on the blockages of the heart and opens up a space to live the feeling of being connected with our inner self, truth, divine light in love, and gratitude. 

One-day retreat content::

  • what is sound healing therapy? 
  • relaxing the voice& body
  • re-connecting to our natural breath, diaphragm breathing
  • boosting the immune system
  • grounding
  • chakra sound healing meditation (balancing the chakras)
  • discovering: the healing power of sound, voice, and silence
  • discovering your own authentic voice
  • dance- movement-improvisation
  • vocal exploration and expression: soul singing, toning
  • Setting and clarifying our intentions
  • Sound Journey with *Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony

***The flow of the program might change according to the group.

After receiving the payment, your registration will be finalized and then we will send you further information with the request to contact Gonca who will help to prepare you for the retreat. ( e.g. health feedback, things to bring, diet, answering your further questions.)

Practical information retreat

Wanneer: zaterdag 1 april.

Tijd: van 13.00 tot 21.00 uur.

Docent: Gonca Gürses van Herpen.

Locatie: Yoga Innerwork, Kleverlaan 9, 2023 JC Haarlem.

Kosten: € 159,-.

Ervaring is niet nodig, iedereen is welkom! Beperkte deelname tot 12 personen.


Due to privacy regulations we are not allowed to share your contact details with Gonca. Therefor you need to contact Gonca yourself after registration and payment for the ceremony. After your payment you will receive her contact details from us. She will give you all the information how to prepare for the ceremony. Thank you!

Registration is possible until March 24th 12PM (NOON)!